Smart Irrigation

You’re  wasting hundreds of dollars overwatering your lawn.  New Smart Technology is available to virtually eliminate excess water use.


Average Water Savings

Average Gallons Saved Annually (5,000 sqft lawn)

Colorado Cities With Rebates

Why Upgrade To A Smart System?

  1. Save water and cash for years to come
  2. Enjoy a greener and healthier lawn
  3. New controllers are easy to use
  4. Adjust your system from your phone
  5. Utility rebates may be available
  6. It’s great for the environment
  7. It can even increase the value of your home

Fort Collins Rebates

Fort Collins Utilities customers are eligible to receive rebates to offset the cost of new equipment. Learn more


Wireless Rain Sensor

  • $30 Rebate

WaterSense Smart Controller

  • $100 Rebate

Weather Station

  • $50 Rebate

WaterSense In The News

Watersense is an initiative to help homeowners save water and money. We sell and install a variety of watersense labeled sprinkler system controllers



Smart irrigation technology has been proven to reduce water usage by up to 30%.

Replacing a standard clock timer with a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller can save an average home up to 25,000 gallons of water annually.

PLUS: Fort Collins utilities customers can take advantage of rebates to help cover the cost of smart upgrades.


When you upgrade to a smart controller you’ll gain access to a variety of easy to use features.

  • Control your system from your smartphone
  • Automatic weather based adjustments
  • Automatic rain delay
  • Share controller access so we can winterize or repair your system without accessing your home or garage.

Save $30

On All Smart Controllers

Limited Time Offer









Smart Irrigation FAQ

How much water will I save?

We typically see savings around 30%. We cannot guarantee water savings based solely on aa controller upgrade

Do smart controllers connect to my WIFI?

Our smart controllers  connect to your home WIFI to pull local weather data and other info from online sources. We also offer local systems that gather necessary weather data from sensors located on site without the need for WIFI.

How long does it take to install a smart controller?

We can  install a smart controller in as little as 1 hour depending on the model and install location.

Do I need to make any other changes to my system before upgrading?

Nope! Nearly all existing irrigation systems will work just fine with a smart controller.

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